• デジタル圧力送信機
  • デジタル圧力送信機


インターネットの低消費電力、出力RS 485


  • 1 MHzまでの自然周波数の高周波数応答と高ダイナミック測定
  • 圧力測定範囲は0 - 50 kPa、0 - 1 MPa、0 - 200 MPa
  • 強い干渉能力
  • 長期安定性
  • 高周波応答範囲
  • 広い通過域と動作温度範囲
  • センサの周波数応答が非常に高いように、キャビティ効果を除去するために、ダイヤフラム設計をフラッシュする
  • カスタマイズされた構造の多様化が可能です。

デジタル圧力送信機 BRIEF_INTR

XY-PTGR Digital Pressure Transmitters is a low power consumption vacuum pressure transducer, specially designed for the Internet of Thing, such as fire water pipe network, water supply, heating, etc. The supply power is 3.3V~5V, and maximum operating current should be lower than 2mA.

Stainless steel shell and laser-welded construction, IP65 ingress protection, and safety explosion-proof design allow this vacuum pressure transmitter/transducer to withstand harsh rugged application environments. This product also has excellent performance such as high precision, fast response, small size, light-weight, stable and reliable, strong overload capacity; The IoT pressure transmitter can be applied in most medium, such as air, oil, water and other fluid; RS485 and 0.5-2.5V or 0.5-2.0V standard electrical signal output; Measurement range -100KPa~250MPa, other measurement range is optional. Thoughtful specialized electric circuit design with low power consumption digital pressure transducers, but high accuracy 0.25%;0.5%; Long-term stability ±0.02%/FS/Year

XY-PTGR Digital Pressure Transmitters machinal joint include thread, flush diaphragm, clamp, flange, radiator and differential two-way fitting.

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