水圧トランスミッタXY - PTW
  • 水圧トランスミッタXY - PTW

水圧トランスミッタXY - PTW



  • 測定範囲0 - 1 MPa
  • 出力4 - 20 mA、電源12 - 36 VDC(典型的な24 VDC)
  • 反周波数変換干渉設計
  • 共通接続ジョイント
  • コンパクトサイズは、インストール室を保存します
  • カスタマイズされた構造多様化

水圧トランスミッタXY - PTW BRIEF_INTR

XY-PTW Pressure Transmitter is a water pressure sensor, used to frequency converter water supply system, Pump, water supply equipment, and automatic machine; It has Anti-frequency conversion interference circuit to ensure the output signal is stable in the water supply system. At the same time, the excellent circuit compensate migration, sensitivity, temperature and nonlinear precision, thus XY-PTW has many characteristics, such as high concentration, small volume, high precision, good consistency, strong anti-interference ability and fast response speed.

XY-PTW Water Supply Pressure Sensor has stainless steel shell and joint, IP65 Ingress protection, powered by 12~36 VDC(Typical 24VDC), standard electrical signal output 4-20mV by 2-Wire cable, measurement Range 0-1MPa and 0-1.6 MPa, others customized measurement range is available, Thoughtful specialized electric circuit design, accuracy 0.5% FS; Long-Term Stability ±0.02%/FS/Year.

Machinal joint include Thread, Flush Diaphragm, Clamp, Flange, Radiator and Differential Two-way Fitting.

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水圧トランスミッタXY - PTW

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