ワイヤレス液面計XY - LG 270
  • ワイヤレス液面計XY - LG 270
  • ワイヤレス液面計XY - LG 270

ワイヤレス液面計XY - LG 270

無線デジタルレベルゲージは、バッテリーによって供給される低消費電力設計です。それは、GPRS / LORA / NB IOTを含む複数の無線伝送モードを備えた液体レベル測定器です。


  • 測定範囲0~100メートル
  • アルミシェルとSS 304ジョイントの鋳造
  • 液晶ディスプレイ、ホワイトバックライト
  • オプションの無線伝送GPRS / LORA / NB IOT
  • 精度レベル:0.5 % FS ;
  • オプション電源およびバッテリ
  • 動作温度- 20℃

ワイヤレス液面計XY - LG 270 BRIEF_INTR

XY-LG270 wireless digital level gauge is a low power consumption design powered by batteries.

It is a liquid level measuring instrument with multiple wireless transmission modes, including GPRS/LORa/ NB-iot, which is redesigned according to wireless digital pressure gauge with static pressure principle.

XY-LG270 is used explosion-proof casting aluminum shell and 304 stainless steel connector joint, built-in high-precision liquid level sensors, with LCD display screen, contact plunge-type liquid level probe by polyurethane cable, it can be installed easily, good waterproof performance.

It's easy to setup sampling speed, upload frequency, high- pressure and low-pressure alarm point and Instant pressure alarm, at the same time have many additional functions such as reset, backlit, on/off switch, converting unit, low liquid level alarm and so on.

As a wireless digital level gauge, it can upload liquid level data on site to cloud server, users can match IP address and other parameters on site or remotely.

The LORa type can work with LORa gateway, have the advantage of low power consumption, long transmission distance, strong signal penetration and AD hoc network.

The NB-iot type is a NB-iot transmission of wireless digital level meter, base on NB-iot technology, low power consumption, high transmission efficiency, low cost and other advantages.

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